Penumbra Penumbra

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Excellent, free 3D first person horror game!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Frictional Games

Game screenshots:


Penumbra description:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Penumbra you see the pictures, that will leave you amazed and excited fear of a spectacular new game.
Action in an underground base to find his father lost in the middle of the ice fields of Greenland takes place.
Set over two levels this property you must unravel the secrets behind. Just the quality of graphics is outstanding, the graphics engine House ‘advanced’, although it is proudly declared by the authors. Everything in the game worthy of the very best games on the market, standard lights, shadows, textures.
The physics of the game are excellent and very realistic remains, the drawer opens by pushing or pulling them with the mouse and the door to the right.
The game is problem solving a series of puzzles that you must solve to continue the game mixes up the action by giving. A feature that separates it from the pack is the lack of a separate weapons; only dynamite explosions, you can use a flashlight and a stick.
Penumbra is definitely not for the faint of heart that will draw you in an exciting atmosphere, and the music and sound effects are awesome. Don’t miss the opportunity to perhaps play the best free games in recent years.

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