Path of Shadows Path of Shadows

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Embrace the shadows in this stealth adventure!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Path of Shadows Team

Game screenshots:

Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows

Path of Shadows description:

The way of Shadows The Goddess returning from the dead to serve her wishes, where you control a shadow assassin is an action-adventure stealth game. Your goal is to save him, the mysterious warrior from the clan that holds him prisoner.
The way of Shadows the hero to help him overcome all difficulties in his path, you can use shades. One of the most useful abilities in place to create shadows to hide allow. They may move from one shadow to another and thanks to the fact that, you can combine the two skills to get where you need to go safely.
If all of these it will be quick to kill you if you give them the chance throughout the adventure, many different enemies, meet. As soon as you catch a sight with an attack that’s really the only way to show you the way why it is important for them to hide in the shadows and back stab.
The way of Shadows is a fun stealth game with exceptional graphics and an interesting story. Believe it or not, this game was developed by a group of students and you can play for free.

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