Parche para Quake 4 Parche para Quake 4

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Update to improve game modes!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: ID Software

Game screenshots:

Parche para Quake 4
Parche para Quake 4

Parche para Quake 4 description:

Quake 4 is the first update by the creators of these games to develop problems.
This is like in Call Of Duty or any change required to remove the package before installing the plugin that doesn’t come, there may be errors or incompatibility. The effect of this game before the patch required to be installed ita.
The patch is a solution, inter alia, provides for the following issues:
Showing the game now more than 1000 servers navigator, organizational improvements.
Map files may be overwritten or removed without having to restart the game.
Improvements in the multiplayer mode, the game allow you to connect to other servers when installing navigator.
After the game ?cow_allowconsole? remains in effect.
In the demo version of patch application does not work.

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