Panzar Panzar

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Fierce player vs player combats through Internet!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Troxit Services

Game screenshots:


Panzar description:

Panzer the various players face to face witches, humans, orcs, dwarves and a mysterious race constantly at war in a medieval fantasy world set in spectacular duels to keep coming over the internet (with a light touch of strategy and role) multiplayer action game.
By following the general instructions of this species, their players to choose between different types of characters, each race will be able to choose between the two. Inquisitors, Paladins and people, ICE, fire, orcs, dwarves and witches among siblings or between sappers and Gunners and tanks when choosing between Berserker.
Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages, and more importantly their talent tree. Through this skill tree will be able to access new spells and special techniques. But, we have to show that we are worthy on the field of battle to get enough experience for this.
Panzer most amazing and surprising bit, however, fighting battles that are quite traditional PvP, the graphics part, but has nothing to do. Game Crysis 3 will be the same) it uses the CryEngine 3 engine, and as a result, many commercial games for a spectacular finish far superior to graphics.
Direct and pure action and fantastic potential to hook users looking for a fun experience for the graphics section thanks to a simple mechanic Panzer duel online Game.

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