P.O.W. 20th Anniversary P.O.W. 20th Anniversary

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A true tribute to Prisoner of War!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: S.E.E.P

Game screenshots:

P.O.W. 20th Anniversary
P.O.W. 20th Anniversary
P.O.W. 20th Anniversary

P.O.W. 20th Anniversary description:

P. O. W. 20. The anniversary is actually two a beat em up game. On the one hand, the original P. O. W. 20. It’s the anniversary version of the original with graphics, on the other hand, prisoners of war renewed inspiration from the 2010 version of King of fighters graphics.
P. O. W. 20. Each anniversary has its own story and characters of the games included, so really it’s just a game, and the setting are two completely different games that share.
P. O. W. 20. Anniversary the game, so you must go through levels while destroying many enemy infested them with kick and punch developed using openbor, a beat Classic as any of them, of course, is the same.
Solitaire isn t just enough to have fun, in your case, the P. O. W. 20. One of the main characters of the anniversary each controls two player co-op mode offers.
P. O. W. 20. That serves as a beautiful tribute to the 80s classic anniversary COPY great to beat them it’s fun.

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