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An epic user interface for your games!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Overwolf

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Overwolf description:

Overwolf allows you to listen to while playing your favorite games on a wide variety of extra features an alternative game interface. In short: all good things there are steam without the disadvantages.
Overwolf Valve is the same as supplied by the client, including key features, the most striking is undoubtedly the integrated browser and chat system. Thanks to these services, such as closing the chat window or tab open in a browser and still play the game. Also, Overwolf chat, Skype, Facebook, Steam accounts and even allows you to synchronise.
Beyond these basic features, there is an appropriate application store, which allows you to combine a lot of additional features Overwolf. From music players such as Spotify Grooveshark or Day Z or world of Warcraft games for you can choose based on certain special tools such as
Another interesting thing is Overwolf compatible with all the games on your computer that allows you to specify. Compatibility list, Tap Socket, FIFA World Assassin’s Creed saga, League of Legends, Robocraft includes titles such as.
Overwolf is a very useful companion app that should be in every game. Especially with some of the biggest free to play titles in the works.

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