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The required tool to play Mass Effect, Battlefield or FIFA!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Game screenshots:


Origin description:

Origin from Electronic Arts to play their games which is required by the online platform. Most people completely is not preferred in this application, for obvious reasons. , such as FIFA and Battlefield, and definitely worth working for EA games or other big game load for a i><, but the whole truth.
All of them require origin to be played in FIFA 12, Battlefield 3, Star Wars Old Republic with his Kingdoms: Reckoning. Origin there is a simple way to play the game online for a reasonable price, an online store to buy downloadable games.
One of the main advantages of Origin has the ability to get all your games backed up to the cloud. So, if you format your computer or hit download to get the games all you need to do is buy a new one.
In addition, this platform comes with some free games that are actually good: Battlefield Heroes, BattleForge and need for Speed World free to play titles just to name a few.
It’s not a huge site like Steam is still the origin, but the origin of the EA, the private market for games continues to grow with each passing day.

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