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Keep your video game collection well-organized!

Version: 1.32
Licence: Trial
Publisher: Citrusoft

Game screenshots:

OrganizeIt Games
OrganizeIt Games
OrganizeIt Games

OrganizeIt Games description:

OrganizeIt Games video game collection that you can use to completely classify an enterprise software. If your games located on your hard drive, you can use this app.
Add a title, a number of fields, player name, rating, etc, platform, producer, genre, such as number is easy to fill up. Many other features to add includes such things as online gaming or instructions.
Send organizeit name after every game download from the internet since you will not to scan the packaging. Select one of the entries in the result list, and the cover art will be ready to go.
OrganizeIt added another interesting feature is a list of all elements in the database. The display in text mode, title, or graphics mode, the cover art.

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