Operation Annunaki Operation Annunaki

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Action and shooting in 3D!

Version: 2.2
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Nurendsoft

Game screenshots:

Operation Annunaki
Operation Annunaki
Operation Annunaki

Operation Annunaki description:

The net effects of operation with the Anunnaki saga Metal Gear Solid third-person action game. Who has to rescue a kidnapped scientist in an Eastern European country puts you in the shoes of a secret agent.
Use the mouse and keyboard control system of one of the enemy from behind and break the neck, guard, distract the enemy and catch them crouching and shooting with many weapons throughout the game actions like throwing cans you will see that you can do.
Because you are in control your character’s movement with the mouse, the game controls are a little difficult. But, I mean, understand the controls and the heads of your enemies in any video game which is enjoyable, from the start it won’t be too complicated.
This compensates for the fact that the game is running perfectly on a relatively modern computer, but the graphics of the game is not up to par with what you expect in today’s headlines.
A fun action game that contains some very unique items operation of the Anunnaki. Although not the best of its kind, we’re definitely going to do more addicted to a few games.

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