OpenTyrian OpenTyrian

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Open source version of the classic Tyrian!

Version: 2.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Open Tyrian Development Team

Game screenshots:


OpenTyrian description:

Tyrian OpenTyrian classic, you’re the captain of a spaceship vertical shooter game free open-source version. Basically shoot at everything that moves while filled with enemies and other dangerous things, advance through the levels.
Typical of this type of game: the spaceship is located on the bottom of the screen and appears above the enemies from the direction. Using the keyboard to move and shoot. More than a dozen enemies you’ll face fire at the same time, and to avoid being hit, since it requires a lot of talent.
The game (you’re carrying both) of the final boss that you can use different weapons (each) there are a lot in five parts. This story mode. One of the missions in Arcade Mode then go without following any of the other stories.
OpenTyrian (SHUMP), especially since this genre was not very efficient lately Cowboys fans, I love it, a very fun vertical shooter. Fortunately, there’s always the classics.

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