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Enjoy Command and Conquer classics in all their splendor!

Version: 20160502
Licence: Free
Publisher: OpenRA developers

Game screenshots:


OpenRA description:

Opera actually Opera that can be downloaded via the interface command and Conquer Command and Conquer: Red Alert Westwood Studios real time strategy game engine compatible with mods like the Classics Free.
(Games not automatically support itself rather than a platform game Command and Conquer: Red alert you can download a version of download Opera then. Start playing immediately (against the computer) to play alone against the game in terms of the capabilities of the people who find you on the internet, or you will be able to.
The main novelty presented by Opera in terms of more modern classics, command and conquer is set to a screen resolution of graphs. In fact, the same with shiny new graphics that hold up today’s standards of opera in the nineties real time strategy allows you to enjoy.
What makes opera so special and different mods so it’s very easy to apply. There are more than 100 threads at the forum users to share what they created formal procedures.
Today, opera may be the best way to enjoy the taste of classic command and conquer. Old school is a very good strategy for the real lovers touch.

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