OpenFracas OpenFracas

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Combine strategy and Maths and conquer the world!

Version: 0.6.1
Licence: GNU
Publisher: Nathaniel Sherry y Matt Lawren

Game screenshots:


OpenFracas description:

Openfaces is a strategy game where randomness don’t match. The game of risk, fate and randomness are very important, but when attempting to conquer a land, Openfaces, victory playing dice, but is determined by the number of soldiers the lands and near ones.
Add the result and the defendant and aggressive war by a soldier will be the result. Unless if you have enough troops, they won’t.
Six players, human or computer controlled by a separate team you can play against or openfaces.
Openfaces is a new map according to three different aspects: land, water and islands and create a map generator that enables you to enlarge or reduce the size of the Board, course includes. If you want to play on real maps, a world map and a map of Europe contains.
The aim is to create a huge empire and conquer all the territories on the map. Meanwhile, the music is really good.

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