OpenClonk OpenClonk

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Shape your own two-dimensional world!

Version: 6.0 (32-bit)
Licence: GNU
Publisher: OpenClonk Development Team

Game screenshots:


OpenClonk description:

OpenClonk newer, close Terrariums to create an experience that combines a curious mix of species better known real, strategy, action, platform, adventure and a little.
You can change the terrain around them with the help of various tools OpenClonk players called clocks, Big Head, small humanoid creatures control. For the construction of the tunnel of stone chip, cut trees for wood, dig, use a shovel to etc.
Strategy and planning is all the more important, however, that the creative aspect of the game just part of it. OpenClonk is also knowing how to defend yourself is very important, and there is a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal, either from hand to hand and long range combat.
One of the most fun parts of openclonk, swords and shields, facing either other players in duels you can even use the arrow or rifle, there is the possibility of. The best weapon in the fight for a solid location in which most of the time though.
Play a game with other players playing alone like playing OpenClonk full of opportunities, and it’s just fun. OpenClonk basic game (the original game) already develops a lot of great advantages chankle.

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