OpenAlchemist OpenAlchemist

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Addictive tetris-like game!

Version: 0.3
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Keph & Guigoz

Game screenshots:


OpenAlchemist description:

Open intelligence is very similar to The Alchemist of funny Tetris game. Your goal is to eliminate the lines to create different creatures to join and hav nt put together in various fields.
Orbs: Yesil, yellow, and purple there are four kinds of speed. Three or more orbs with a yellow form Yesil village, 3 or more yellow orbs create objects, and turned to a red….
Your aim is to score more points. Cherry, Penguins, cheese, cow, every object has a different value, and your goal is to earn more points that contains the most valuable objects to create groups of threes.

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