One Night One Night

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A horror adventure with touches of role-play!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Dark Gaia

Game screenshots:

One Night
One Night
One Night

One Night description:

Third person horror game created with RPG Maker one night. The setting is much closer to Resident Evil or Silent Hill, therefore, although both the graphics and the general game JRPG of Super Nintendo and I compare this.
The most important thing a night, therefore, despite having clicha┬ęs and a player that will scare a lot of Horror Story setting. A number of creatures with the ability to end the game your character’s life will follow you throughout the entire course.
The purpose of a night, in any case, because the only thing your character remembers his name after waking up in a mysterious station will discover who he really is. Why it’s there or you’ll have to find an answer for what happened in this place there are two questions frequently asked.
The role of the story’s strong point and a night setting with the touch of a horror game don’t play. This will be a pleasant surprise for those looking.

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