Olav and the Lute Olav and the Lute

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A very musical graphic adventure!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Jobann

Game screenshots:

Olav and the Lute
Olav and the Lute
Olav and the Lute

Olav and the Lute description:

The lute Olav and the lute she played with the way they interact with the world around you just point and click graphic adventure you play as a mysterious character with the music.
In many ways, the Great Lucas Arts game ‘the bench’ is reminiscent. Levels like the game, the main character is also similar to some aspects of classic graphic adventures, or even directly refers to.
Your goal is to learn what to do and how to do it with the Loom of fate. To do this, then you can write the music book, you need to learn how to play different melodies.
Every time you learn a tune at the same time, get in his face. For example, ‘poison’ when you learn the tune, just the first tune played backwards at the same time as ‘healing’, you will learn the melody.
Olav and the lute was created with a certain taste and elegance that is rare to see it has that perfect retro graphics.
An independent graphic this extraordinary adventure. Though not particularly long, the design and the overall feel of the puzzles make a game really unique.

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