Of Light and Shadow Of Light and Shadow

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Two heroes for one platform adventure!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Vinzenz Mayrhofer

Game screenshots:

Of Light and Shadow
Of Light and Shadow
Of Light and Shadow

Of Light and Shadow description:

The player with light and shadow at the same time: Dr. shadow and Mr. light you have to control two characters at a two-dimensional platform game. Combining different skills and pass all the levels you can switch between them at the correct time.
The game has two protagonists simply pressing a button you can switch between at any time. And this will have to do, like kill Dr. Light and dark shadow Bay Light will do the same thing for you.
In addition to this minor inconvenience, is’ Mr. light and Dr. Shadow is affected by not just the laws of gravity, But will stick and walk everywhere though, as you find in traditional platform games, jumping is, in fact, there might be.
Light & shadow is a platform game with puzzle elements, and it is not only very original and fun game, two players at the same time very good graphics and charismatic characters has an interesting story.

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