Nuts for Gems Nuts for Gems

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A clever squirrel in search of precious gems!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Luciana Yumi Abe

Game screenshots:

Nuts for Gems
Nuts for Gems
Nuts for Gems

Nuts for Gems description:

The stones in the nuts for players to navigate various levels by using a mechanical bird, a squirrel who collects gems and precious stones you find along the way control of a three-dimensional action game.
In essence, to control the mechanical bird and a number of concrete points of the game is to get as soon as possible you can find an arcade Flight Simulator 3D it’s like.
The game is pretty simple sound, although the bird is a pilot, and master quite complex (Xbox 360 controller) you’ll need a controller. The nice part, the controller, the game’s superior graphics, coupled with a free game instead of a game console will make you feel just like you’re playing by using.
Despite the lack of too much content which is insane for gems (there are only a few levels) really fun game, with great graphics and a simple game wins.

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