Nubarron Nubarron

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The adventures of an unlucky gnome!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Nastycloud

Game screenshots:


Nubarron description:

Nubarron is a bad Orc, which had a hat that was stolen by Nubarron is a 2D adventure platform game is to control the GNOME. The task, obviously, who live in a castle outside of the forest the thief’s hat to save.
Located between the traditional Castlevania games and Super Mario Bros game saga. Also the time for action, a good part of the game despite being involved in fighting against giant bosses, a platform means that it is.
The beginning of the game, followed by a dark cloud, in which the main character representing bad luck. That means that if you want to survive have kept the Lightning Dodge.
Nubarron is a 2D platform game with excellent graphics, quite challenging and fun. Expand the contents contains lots of achievements to play the game.

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