Nothing Else Nothing Else

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A pixelated horror adventure!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Ivan Zanotti

Game screenshots:

Nothing Else
Nothing Else
Nothing Else

Nothing Else description:

Another thing that you control a youth that is a horror adventure home alone at night and decides to read a good book before bed. You’re not aware, but you will find in a nightmare world where strange things happen.
In all scenarios, two-dimensional, since you can only move left or right on the screen, and the game has very simple controls. In the event you can use the mouse to solve puzzles and interact with different scene elements.
No other good thing in any case, this really isn’t a puzzle, but the story and tries to convey the message. If you persist, it will take fifteen minutes this story has ended, that is a lot scarier than it looks, you will discover the terrible secret that is hidden behind a story.
Nothing is an adventure game which is exciting and interesting for the lack of complex puzzles, and catch you and you has a story that does not let go until the end.

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