Not-So-Massive Action Game Not-So-Massive Action Game

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Shooting, explosions and a hook in the style of Just Cause!

Version: 1.0.8
Licence: Free
Publisher: Ade

Game screenshots:

Not-So-Massive Action Game
Not-So-Massive Action Game
Not-So-Massive Action Game

Not-So-Massive Action Game description:

Great action game, players in addition to the usual weapons, why not just hook like the place where the enemy army face off against a single character by using the 2D action game it’s not.
Players to use different weapons, pistols, shotguns and machine guns to kill the enemies that appear on the screen including. Full advantage of this land, sea, air, and try to surprise you.
The hook, thanks to the enemies that appears with only a parachute to bring down the helicopter where they came from but at the same time you can’t miss out. Once taken in, fly around, shoot, and kill hundreds of enemies.
Great action game so there are several different game modes: Arcade Mode, Two player mode one and two (available) enemy kills kills while survival mode allows you to deal with several enemies until you can keep the levels filled.
Great action game, great-looking graphics, despite the lack of detail that will delight fans of shooting games where there is a 2D action game very addictive game with lots of it’s not.

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