Not Pacman Not Pacman

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An interesting twist on the old classic Pacman!

Licence: Free
Publisher: StabYourself

Game screenshots:

Not Pacman
Not Pacman
Not Pacman

Not Pacman description:

It’s not a new version of Pacman classic Pacman, the game shares a lot in common with and the dev even though the game is quite different. This version of pacman you can’t control who you want your character to fall in one of two ways to open the map control it turns.
If the right stage stage tilt and skew, always, heroes, and ghosts means that both the Yellow Rolls left, and will be the same. The aim of the game is to eat all the dots without getting caught by ghosts the same. However, the type of challenge is very different.
The graphics of the game is the same as the original. While it may be old, if it was nothing else just seems wrong.
To deliver innovation beyond a simple Pacman a fun game to play very fun outgoing it’s not a game, just requires a little skill and patience

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