Noitu Love & The Army of Grinning Darns Noitu Love & The Army of Grinning Darns

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Crazy action in 2D!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Joakim Sandberg

Game screenshots:

Noitu Love & The Army of Grinning Darns description:

Noitu darns Darns grinning grinning and his army to stop military powers which this love and this with him the last hope for mankind Darnassus Noitu Love, a young man a short play action-platform game.
The game is very simple: action 2 (Shift and Ctrl) at your disposal only two buttons: punch and jump where you have to fight various enemies by using develop in indoor environments.
By pressing the punch button repeatedly, you can do more damage to the enemies combos. Jumping and fist, pushing all enemies around you damage that, you can create a special punch.
Many different types of enemies in adventure, that will make things more difficult for you must face the final bosses, including a relatively long six 6 storeys. In addition, as you advance in the game, monkeys and birds as a human being otherwise, such as different animals that will help you in difficult situation to resolve.
Army of grinning darns love and this note is certainly excellent that will keep children entertained for two or three hours is an action game. The simple graphics bother you, then give this game a chance, or you will not regret it.

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