Night of the Cephalopods Night of the Cephalopods

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Survive until dawn ... if you can!

Version: 0.71
Licence: Free
Publisher: Spooky Squids Games

Game screenshots:

Night of the Cephalopods
Night of the Cephalopods

Night of the Cephalopods description:

This ghost killer octopus in the head all night the night where you have to survive the incessant attacks by the old school shooter, blood-thirsty. It’s not a big deal.
Game neighbors and smash TV-eating zombies like the classics, with the difference that kafadanbacakli game is very similar to a very short night. More than enough for the whole night, although the number of levels is small and there’s only one weapon.
First person to listen to the narration of the character throughout the whole adventure, running out of ammunition, What does he think about the place you visit fully, Where is the strongest point of this game is how the ref says.
This head-the night really fun action game. In addition to providing a bit of innovation to a large extent this type of game allows you to use Xbox 360 controllers, which is appreciated.

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