NEStalgia NEStalgia

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A role-playing game with an 8 bit style!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Silk Games

Game screenshots:


NEStalgia description:

Nostalgia inspired by classic Nintendo games such as Dragon Warrior 3, a multi-player component with a role-playing game.
The star of your own adventure the game, side quests to go out and explore the world where there is a story mode. However, at the same time interact with other players and ally.
Usually in this type of game, as by rotating the fight is done. (Attack, defend yourself, magic, escapes,…), select the action you want to execute, and the enemy does the same. This is a simple and addictive.
Nostalgia-for anyone who didn’t live in the Golden Age of the RPG is a very tough game. However, the game can be very good if you have several years of experience in this type of Game.

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