National Mech League National Mech League

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The best armed-robot combat league!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Matheus Pitillo

Game screenshots:

National Mech League
National Mech League
National Mech League

National Mech League description:

National League Mechanical ‘machine’, machine guns and feature a unique, chic with a cowboy hat armed with a shotgun, players control robots third-person action game.
Your task is to get money by destroying your enemies to gain visibility and a grueling tournament. All of the battles is full of ads, and the ad will net you more benefits close a good performance.
Many traditional dual stick shooters like robot control is made. In other words: (or right-toolbar), and mouse (or left bar) we will move the robot with the keyboard. This simple control system and an armful of weapons, you can crush dozens of enemies that are thrown against you.
The National Machinery with excellent graphics and some really funny moments League is a fun third-person action game – the presentation of the contest, we’ll make a special mention for Lisa Ann.

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