Mz Game Accelerator Mz Game Accelerator

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Easily increase your game's speed!

Version: 1.1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Michael Zacharias

Game screenshots:

Mz Game Accelerator
Mz Game Accelerator
Mz Game Accelerator

Mz Game Accelerator description:

Mz game accelerator lightly to increase your gaming performance with a few simple clicks thank you video with application.
The advantage to do all the necessary for the program to start the video game accelerator mode, and wait a few seconds for all transactions to complete, click on.
Shut down unnecessary processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying CPU performance by the video game will result in a quick recovery.
You will be able to gain a few frames per second in every game Mz game accelerator is an interesting tool for users with relatively old computer thanks.

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