MUSHclient MUSHclient

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A MUD client for online conversational games!

Version: 4.37
Licence: Free
Publisher: Nick Gammon

Game screenshots:


MUSHclient description:

(Multi-user Dungeon mud text based games, usually fantasy-themed RPG that is very similar to a game. More and more people started to use a personal computer at home was popular in the 80s.
Although spectacular graphics and other features for improved MMORPG, MUD games and still stayed true to the essence of remote servers and allows multiple users to play and interact with people.
A variety of MUDs that require only a Telnet terminal in text mode with support for English, so too can the game improve the experience and facilitate communication (such as MUSHclient) client everywhere, though – you can play.
In order to guarantee excellent performance and a compact size, written in C, MUSHclient, tab navigation keypad, auto ‘auto’ conversations, etc to speed up common commands for managing it offers a nickname.
For more advanced users, and the server proxy are also different worlds, the script, and auto-management support services.
Some of the popular MUDs English
Discworldthere are
Terminal or by clicking on the MUSHclient to the new world c:/telnet server:port by typing the information that is shown on the official website and by entering them you can try.

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