Moy City Builder Moy City Builder

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Build an entire city for Moy!

Version: 1.24
Licence: Free
Publisher: Frojo Apps

Game screenshots:

Moy City Builder
Moy City Builder
Moy City Builder

Moy City Builder description:

Moy Moy City Builder is the best city in the world that has the entire population happy to create a strategic management game.
Like many other city building games, to build some other buildings you have to build sawmills and mines to gather the necessary materials. Once there was a steady flow of resources, you can start building the city.
Enjoy six different buildings you can build in other words, a ton of different buildings: houses, skyscrapers, hospitals, tennis courts, banks, factories, shopping centres, you’ll find a total of. Of course, any building is in trouble, disappear without a trace.
Moy City Builder, simplicity and fun graphics that is ideal for a beginner like thanks to simple and accessible strategy game.

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