Mole Invasion Mole Invasion

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TUX versus the invasion of evil moles!

Version: 0.4
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Mole Invasion Team

Game screenshots:

Mole Invasion
Mole Invasion
Mole Invasion

Mole Invasion description:

Mole Invasion bad check and control the main character and the different scenarios that try to invade will kill me d TUXEDO tux, the Linux 2D platform game which is a animal.
At first, it will remind you Super Mario Bros, but mole invasion is a little different, you’ll check throughout the different levels to collect different items that will provide power and striking TUXEDO weather.
Of course, your goal is to come to the end of each screen with a rainbow that is marked successful. Graphics, music, and colors are very good and the game fun and gives an idea of colour.
The enemy just to jump them, but be careful you will want to, some he’s wearing a shell and they will hurt you.

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