Mobile Gamepad Mobile Gamepad

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Use your Android device to play on your PC!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: MMH Dev

Game screenshots:

Mobile Gamepad
Mobile Gamepad

Mobile Gamepad description:

Mobile gamepad for your Android device as if the application when used in conjunction with a video game controller that allows you to use your Android device if it had an application.
Allow you to set up different profiles for different games that have to other similar Android Apps (Mobile) is one of the advantages of the game pad. So only have to go through this process once, you can configure the keys for different games on your Android device.
Driving and simulation games there is another very interesting feature that you can use your device’s accelerometer. Thanks to these features, on the left with the steering wheel tilt your phone to move a vehicle that has a similar effect to what that would be.
Mobile gamepad to your advantage when you go to play it on your computer is a great way for an Android device. Mobile gaming except for games that need very precise control with a tray you will obtain the experience more than rewarding.

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