MiniDoom MiniDoom

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The legendary Doom is now a 2D game!

Version: 1.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: Felipe Porcel

Game screenshots:


MiniDoom description:

I basically reinvigorated the legendary doom minido with the 2D version. Legendary Doom Classic Doom monsters big head bobblehead funny versions of the guy when they shoot a version of the play.
Despite being quite a short video game, mini-doom original Doom all the original monsters, along with all the weapons. This rifle, giant machine guns, rocket launchers, and, of course, means you can use the horse. All these guns, soldiers, cacodemons and can be used against China.
We’re waiting for a game that is inspired by Doom, as you want you have to collect colored keys to open doors throughout the adventure. Between shots, especially for complex door or where you can find the fields with the horses, it’s not a puzzle, but it’s nice.
Mini fans are sure to enjoy the saga of Doom Doom is a fun 2D action game. Also the graphics of the game, especially created for this game, it’s fantastic.

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