Minicraft Minicraft

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The mini version of Minecraft!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Notch

Game screenshots:


Minicraft description:

Minecraft Notch, successful, famous Minecraft a 48 hour project developed by the developer. This game is good although a bit simpler and offer a handful of possibilities mentioned virtual 8-bit version, we can say that.
Lanterns ovens gold lingots for dinner then to create the foundations to create a countertop to create… and, of course, all of these objects scenario is used to destroy or fight against the enemies.
A first-person view and the 2D view instead of the original down makes its playability very different in terms of Yes, Dear ours it looks quite similar to Minecraft, but this time brings perspective.
The graphics are classic Nintendo games, remembers the first Final Fantasy game and many recalls.
But Minecraft is worth playing, which a few short hours while collecting ‘sister’ is a very funny game like that is going to get you hooked for hours.

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