Mini Ninjas Mini Ninjas

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The Square-Enix ninjas run and jump in Android!

Version: 2.0.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Square Enix

Game screenshots:

Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas description:

Mini Mini Ninja Ninja saga you can control different characters in ‘an endless runner, one who’s been kidnapped by an enemy of the Ninja saves all. Hiro, tourist attractions such as the temple, Suzume and Kunoichi I will share this intense adventure.
The walls of Hiro’s Kuji magic run and a strong master. Suzume, for her part, the Magic Flute to attract objects or attack enemies you can use it. Kunoichi uses her spear to jump into the air and attack. Finally, to tourist attractions such as the temple to unleash powerful blows to enemies and obstacles even uses the giant hammer to shatter.
The mechanics is the same no matter the character you’re controlling all the time. To avoid all the obstacles in your path across the screen, slide your finger to try to get rid of all enemies in its path.
Extend as long as possible with Mini Ninjas, Mini Ninjas with the ninja you can try running from a fun game with superior graphics.

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