Milo Applequest Milo Applequest

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Help Milo recover all of the apples in the forest!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Darkleo

Game screenshots:

Milo Applequest description:

Milo Apple apples have been stolen by an evil spirit, whose quest to save all of the forest most of his life, embarking on the difficult task Milo, an adventurous raccoon control in a two-dimensional platform game.
The secret of apples between them to save all thirty levels you need to explore more. In fact, this Apple is really complex puzzles you must solve if you want to find them and some are hidden.
Scene thirty-levels, enemies and their best (life) to do to get Milo one of the three trophies with each other changes a lot with different types of hazards.
Milo is not just running at full speed there is a movement to defend itself from its enemies. Thanks to this ability, the enemies dodge and block can crack quickly. And, of course, always an enemy to finish on top of you can skip.
Milo Apple fun quest, fun gameplay and cute graphics directly with a two-dimensional platform game.

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