Micronations Micronations

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Build a 3D city!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Micronations

Game screenshots:


Micronations description:

Micronations are basically starting from scratch where you have to build their own cities by players 3D strategy and management game. A home is something more to start with, and you will need to expand the domain.
There are dozens of items that can be used players to expand their city. The first and most basic, there are Highways that will be different depending on where you want to build them.
Once housing, entertainment venues, shopping centers, farms, offices, buildings and different types of that you can start raising all kinds of We have created a good network of roads.
With just a click of the mouse you can create all these buildings and items. And maybe clicking on a blank space on the map, this new building is one thing that is more difficult Micronations ” is the main problem.
Micronations also very solid 3D graphics with a very fun real time management game. Is defined to be able to play well but to win… there is no possibility to lose no goals means no real problem.

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