Merry Frog Merry Frog

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Avoid all the everyday dangers in the life of a frog!

Version: 3.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: MyPlayCity

Game screenshots:

Merry Frog
Merry Frog
Merry Frog

Merry Frog description:

If I were a frog if life could survive in a pond?
This is a simple and fun game, with danger to get drowned on a pond we have a frog as possible.
Crocodile escape beside a lily pad, frog juicy flies, dragonflies, frog and a giant fold with mosquitoes, where you can solid ground, eat water lilies and other terror jump.
But be careful! Very difficult to feed before returning to the water to be eaten by the wild stork is safe even if you’re going to burn yourself on solid ground.
The frog in this fun grow up and evolves in the face of the approaching danger points as the pond level.

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