MEmu MEmu

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An Android emulator specially for video games!

Version: 5.6.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Microvirt Co

Game screenshots:


MEmu description:

MEmu specializing in video games, mobile phones and tablets, you can enjoy several special titles directly to your computer thanks to an Android emulator. And the controls I need to configure complex settings, just install and play.
Other Android emulators to download Android games, relatively complex, but with MEmu, just click on the button on the right side of the interface, INSPECTION, install, and wait a few seconds to the inspection of may be forced to select the game you want. Ready to play later in the game will be installed. Clans, Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, and conflict Geometry Dash on your pc with this emulator you can play games.
Install the game MEmu is not an easy thing to do. Almost every game is generally preset the controls so that you can play with the mouse or the keyboard, as you prefer. If you don’t like how the controls are configured and if this, which is super easy to do, you can always change them. You can even use the Xbox 360 controller or a similar one.
MEmu for this operating system on your computer that provides access to the entire catalog of games for an extraordinary Android emulator. Thousands game, where you can watch free on your computer, we’re talking about. The best thing about it you don’t need a powerful computer to run games excellent.

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