MegaGlest MegaGlest

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Participate in an unprecedented war between empires!

Version: 3.11.1
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: MegaGlest Team

Game screenshots:


MegaGlest description:

MegaGlest takes place in real time, and seven large groups are always at war is set in a fantasy world where free, open-source strategy game.
(Wizards, technocrats, Indians, Romans, Scandinavians, Persians and Egyptians) continuous culture on the battlefield to fight for the domination of these groups there is another face. Its diversity of buildings and special units of each faction, together with other groups in terms of their own advantages and disadvantages.
When starting each battle, the main goal is to try to find and gather as many resources as possible. These are: resources, energy, stone, wood and food to build throughout the game is divided into various buildings and units is absolutely necessary.
You need to be especially careful when investing their limited resources. The inevitable defeat of a series of bad decisions may be in the hands of the enemy.
MegaGlest Glest (but discontinued) continuing in the footsteps of the legendary, very detailed, real-time strategy game, planning and combat instincts, that takes precedence over your skills and reflexes offer a similar experience.

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