Mega Thumb Deathmatch Mega Thumb Deathmatch

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A fighting game with... thumbs!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Quazi

Game screenshots:

Mega Thumb Deathmatch
Mega Thumb Deathmatch
Mega Thumb Deathmatch

Mega Thumb Deathmatch description:

Instead, a warrior, a very strange finger thumb control since Deathmatch mega a 3D fighting game. Instead of War, conflict, exchange punches and kicks with your opponent classic Don’t be a plain old thumb wrestling.
This means, that the buttons of the game strong, medium and weak attacks does not allow you to do; instead, backward, forward, backward leaning, leaning to move a finger, to arrive at the destination there are four buttons: one, another one.
By using these controls, your goal is to try to catch your opponent’s fingers. Then, the power bar appears on the screen and you will have a chance to take hold of your opponent.
In addition to the battle system, Mega Finger that allows your avatar Deathmatch editor-in-chief. In this way you will be able to give you almost any look you want with your finger.
Mega Deathmatch fun and enjoy more finger playing with a friend as strange as it may be to a fighting game. In fact, it can be quite annoying to play against the computer.

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