MCPatcher MCPatcher

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Applying mods and patches to Minecraft is now much easier!

Version: 5.0.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kahr

Game screenshots:


MCPatcher description:

Very easy to use graphical interface that allow in a very simple way mcpatcher mods, patches, and for texture packs for Minecraft management tool.
The only requirement to use the program you already have Minecraft installed on your PC. Quite logical if (something) if you want to use MCPatcher, if you have made it, if only (you must specify the file you want to work with Minecraft .Jar) and you are ready.
Interface, you can manage this easily changes or texture packs you want to apply to and you do not. And better yet, you can start the game directly from the application to check instant results.
Many more features and capabilities MCPatcher, Minecraft Texture Pack there is a feature for newer versions of integrated. Thanks to the author’s forum and the tutorial in five minutes in most cases.
One of the most groundbreaking games in recent years, independent players mcpatcher the for Minecraft is a management tool that will help you in the best way.

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