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The most popular arcade emulator!

Version: 0.201
Licence: Free
Publisher: The MAME Team

Game screenshots:


MAME description:

An infinite number to enjoy the game on your computer MAME, regardless of the technology used every new version of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator emulator by expanding compatibility with a variety of arcades is an acronym for providing additional.
Basic download Mame – GUI graphics so if there is any type of run or usage (including games) ROM you can visualize the contents of the folder, the game that is included in the basic menu to access the program once a lifetime if you install it you will have to use the command line. Mame 32 plus Mame game collection or the best thing to do, such as Find tool to navigate external management.
The emulator controls, save games, or post-processing filters to add, among other things, allows you to change the graphics settings.

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