Mame Classic Mame Classic

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A graphic interface for the MAME emulator!

Version: 4.8.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Richard A. Insalaco

Game screenshots:

Mame Classic
Mame Classic
Mame Classic

Mame Classic description:

Until recently, MAME is only a command-line system that runs using an emulator. Only advanced users can figure out how to do this because it was not a very practical way to run these games.
MAME Classic appeared in 1999, has created a visual interface, without having to enter any command-line MAME emulator is available for users allowed to enjoy the game.
When configuring MAME Classic, it should be noted that the games you want to see in the application’s interface. A filtration system allows you to change the number of visible also in the game.
The emulator must be Mame preinstalled on your hard disk the next step, the position of the mark. After work, you’re ready to go. Note that you must install yourself in any game ROMs.

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