Makai Wars Makai Wars

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The Disgaea saga lands on Android -- in style!

Version: 01.09.01
Licence: Free

Game screenshots:

Makai Wars
Makai Wars
Makai Wars

Makai Wars description:

Eco is a spin off of the popular Disgaea Wars saga. After many ups and downs during the development phase drawn out on for a long time, is finally available for mobile devices. Only to the right like the rest of the Disgaea titles, the eco Wars against every kind of enemy imaginable in exciting battles in the underground a group of heroes touch directly with RPG elements-turn based strategy game.
Eco system Wars game, but a bit simplified elements of other titles in the series are almost identical. For example, in this case, the environment on a smaller, shorter battles. Along the same lines, at the same time has less customization options for the character.
One of the most striking features of the eco war, without a doubt, without character. The protagonist of the game, you control Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Rozalina, and much more. Also, different colors many of the usual ‘princess’ control and self-created characters.
Nippon Ichi fans will especially be enjoyed by a wonderful Eco Wars TBS. Disgaea this is the same formula which is very popular right now present an exceptional fit for Android.

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