Mail Arigato! Mail Arigato!

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Deliver the letters to the right mailboxes!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Glitchy Pixel

Game screenshots:

Mail Arigato! description:

Mail Arigato! the papergirl who delivered the letters to play an entire community 2B.
Many letters and Strange players to collect the incoming address in a neighborhood the bike delivered. An arrow you can switch between letters to be delivered to speed up your work, but helps entering numbers, letters, answering machine.
Some mailboxes in the neighborhood â€floating€™ area. To get them, also on the road for a few seconds and let them fly scattered in the city, which together with Turbo, you must use the jumper scattered.
Mail Arigato! beautiful graphics and nice 2D platformer with the main character. Simple, you won’t to hand over all the letters while the game failed to entertain you for a fair amount of time.

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