MahJong Suite MahJong Suite

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Complete packet of the famous Japanese game!

Version: 2010-7.1
Licence: Trial

Game screenshots:

MahJong Suite
MahJong Suite
MahJong Suite

MahJong Suite description:

Suite MahJong to kill time, thanks to addictive gameplay, offering a fun way-quality collection of solitaire games.
Mahjong is an ancient eastern game in which you have to eliminate all pieces from the pile. You must keep in mind my two rules: you have to eliminate them as equal, double, and in the upper layer of the edge.
Mahjong with over 20 varieties of styles you can access display suite, and every game is the same.
Also, the game has many game options to undo or redo any move, and if you do not know if the next place, the proposed Act, including the ability to use includes.
If you’re progressing in game time and your score and level if the position is recorded in a log that you can see.

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