Magical Gloves Magical Gloves

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Funny adventure starred by a girl and her magical glove!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Nurendsoft

Game screenshots:

Magical Gloves
Magical Gloves
Magical Gloves

Magical Gloves description:

Book wizard magic gloves Gold platforms and Brooke to get back all the pages in his hand while trying to save his little brother Mia handwrite, a brave girl we’ll check out a funny puzzle game mix.
During the game, all the objects we can catch thanks to the magical gloves. Using the mouse you’ll control and use against enemies or throw items to solve puzzles.
The game is quite long and you will be able to show our skills consist of 16 missions, divided in three different worlds.
Magic gloves is a fun game developed by a single person in Spain and has won many awards around the world. It’s worth a shot.

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