Love Love

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Online psychedelic adventures!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Love

Game screenshots:


Love description:

The other group at the same level of detail, love of the world, like a dream you have to make an alliance with other players to beat online action and adventure game.
Your goal at the same time, the enemy of the tribe trying to destroy the monolith monolith to protect it. To do this, an open world first-person perspective to explore the surroundings, take aim, and attacking the enemy if they dare to cross the road.
As you progress and develop the basic structure for the team, which let the shape of the ground, you’ll gain new tools and skills.
Love the graphics are weird. As can be understood from the images, all designed with a mosaic-drawing and watercolor aesthetic section of the game piece, a unique experience occurred.
Love is a very special game. The game may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will discover a very fun title with fascinating details.

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