Lordmancer II Lordmancer II

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A Heroes of Might and Magic style game for Android!

Version: 1.89
Licence: Free
Publisher: Active Games, LLC

Game screenshots:

Lordmancer II
Lordmancer II
Lordmancer II

Lordmancer II description:

An army, conquer the enemy and create Lordmancer II of Might and magic king’s bounty or heroes of a similar role-playing strategy game in a fantasy world is all around. Bad Dragon at the end is the primary goal.
The game has three classes of characters: Elves, humans, orcs, or select at the beginning. You will start with different heroes and their armies depending on the class chosen. For example, people farmers, with an army of magicians, you start with an army of elves.
Lordmancer War II played by the returns, divided hexagonal battle. Solder each unit its own movement value, attack value and life points. On top of that, more individual units of the same type, will have a more powerful army. But, of course, there are large groups of soldiers, we must have a leadership which is enhanced by leveling up just great.
War and the enemy armies are very similar gaming experience, good graphics and offers a wide range Lordmancer king or hero Legends of Might and Magic II is a real treat for enthusiasts of the award.

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