Lonely Knight Lonely Knight

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The adventures of a lone knight!

Licence: Free
Publisher: DigiPen

Game screenshots:

Lonely Knight
Lonely Knight
Lonely Knight

Lonely Knight description:

Lone Knight armed with a sword, the book of a brave knight is an action-platform is a strange creature and insert it into the slot. In fact, this is a bad creature throws pieces of ice cloud.
(Short) adventure, need to deal with four different types of enemies. They may seem relatively harmless, but sports always thanks for you need to be careful.
The power of the lone knight a very short game, and the second longest there’s more than one way to beat the level. This means that you can easily play the game multiple times.
The final boss, the cloud in question to throw bad ice, fighting is also quite interesting. To defeat him, you’ll have to use his own attacks against him.
If you had a few levels that can be even better if the lonely Knight is a fun action game.

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